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MU-KUANG History
MU-KUANG photo
1959 “Mu-Kuang Learning Center of The Blind”

>>1959, March
The founder of Mu-Kuang, Dr. CHEN Wu-Fu, purchased the land to build up a school, which located in No. 11, Bei-Cheng St., Luo-Dong Town, and established the board of directors. The land is an area of about 2,310 meter square and the floor area of building is about 660 meter square.

>>1959, December 3rd
The school was named of “Mu-Kuang Learning Center of The Blind” and the first session of opening ceremony was held.

>>1960, May
To enhance the function of helping the blind, the name was changed to “Mu-Kuang Welfare Hall for The Blind” approved by the government.
MU-KUANG photo
1960“Mu-Kuang Welfare Hall for The Blind”

>>1968, December
Because of the inadequacy of old facility and the intention to expand service for the blind, Mu-Kuang was moved to the current address, No.179, Sec. 3, Dong-Shan Rd., Dong-Shan Town. The new location is an area of 4,950 meter square and the floor area of building is more than 1,650 meter square.

>>1984, July 26th
The registration of being a legal foundation was accomplished.

MU-KUANG photo
1968 The new location

>>2000, December 4th

To improve quantity and quality of service for the blind over the country, and to provide a more complete non-barrier environment and multi-function facility, new school buildings were built and available for use on the current location.

2000 new school buildings
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